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What's Unique

They can't translate their knowledge during an assessment. This is largely because, they are still very young for assessments. But, children who score well in their early days of schooling continue to excel throughout their education.
The second part of it is, as a parent you are aware of the intelligence level of your children, you know what their core strengths and skills are. But your challenges are two:
1. Lack of Time
2. Awareness on the curriculum
You intend to spend more time with your young little ones, teach them all you know and guide them. At the same time, you are equally chasing your dreams in your career and that's very demanding in today's world. On the other hand, the education system has evolved so much, be it on the advanced curriculum or the way the assessments are conducted. What was taught for 10th standard student 10 years ago is taught to the third standard child today. This speed is difficult to keep pace with.

Here is momisguru for you...

We have done an extensive research from below focus areas:
-Skills taught at each grade
-Assessments from schools in various forms
-Key challenges of children in each grade
-Psychological aspects of children

With the results in place, we embodied a core Advisory committee who created the course structure, maturity level required for each grade and age. The uniqueness of the course structure is, it exactly addresses the needs of children at this age. Each concept (lesson) is explained with 6 perspectives,
1. Introduction:
- Clearly Sets the Objective of the lesson
- Lesson Details
2. Lesson
Concept explained from with below perspectives:
- Clear explanation of Concept and its background
- Ample Examples to explain further
- Visually appealing animation that glues the eyes of the kids to the concept
- Clear voice that narrates the course
- Text being displayed that is synchronized with the voice to enable children matching words and their spellings to the pronunciation
3. Skill Test
-Innovative way of verifying the understanding of the concepts
-Highly Interactive, making the children to become keen in subject and motivating them to understand all aspects of the concept
-Aligned with the tests that are conducted for the children in the school assessments and making them ready
-Encouraging the children as they keep getting the answers, right
4. Applicability
-What children learn in this age group is a life skill
-For each concept is related to a real time experience of the children
-Children are encouraged to look around things and see alternative ways applying the knowledge of the concept learnt
-Involves parent and enables them to explain the concept in their own way and share their experiences
5. Keywords
-Children are shown the spelling of keywords and related words of the lesson
-The words are shown with syllables to enable better understanding and memory
-Each word is pronounced and encourages the children to repeat and recite
6. Activities
-Children are provided with games that They get to play while finishing each lesson
-They can use the Painting kind of application, to draw their own lessons based on what they learnt
-There are other games that are simple yet will improve their sharpness in thinking

It was not easy for us to create this, for each lesson. But we have taken your child as our priority and have put in our best. We will continue to improve this. Its our passion. We are confident that your child will benefit with this content, because you are going to be there for them, always!


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